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26 March 2006


Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little-art, progressive politics, photoshop, movie, popular culture

23 March 2006


horses and saddles sold cheap and other metaphors

22 March 2006

Bad Attitudes

Jerome Doolittle and Friends on Politics, Culture, Whatever

Ping-O-Matic is Running

Ping-O-Matic is running again, however the blog will now be here instead of on the domain. (To make it easier to distribute the app amoung multiple servers and not have to keep so much synced.) Sorry for the downtime, it was actually NOT related to the plans for a new architecture, the problem was the [...]


So far I’ve removed about 400 lines from the code, and taking out more and more. After it’s been broken down to its simplest possible parts I’ll begin replicating it to the other servers.

Slow down cowboy!

I just (finally) found the lingering bug that would cause people to get a “you’re pinging too fast” when in fact they actually hadn’t been. It was related to how we stored the latest pings and how new blogs were added to the database.

Internal API Complete

All of the internal parts of Ping-O-Matic have been switched over to use the new functions I wrote, and I’ll be eliminating more of the old code in the next day or two, which should continue to improve performance. Sorry for some of the bumps over the weekend, some of you may have caught me while [...]

PoM Performance

Imagine my surprise when I visited Grabperf (like I do daily) and saw Ping-O-Matic in the top 20 fastest sites that they’re tracking. You can view a scatter chart of Ping-O-Matic performance and see it tends be right around .20 total which currently puts us behind BBC and ahead of Google search. Cool. I’m [...]

Geeklog Sees the Light

Geeklog 1.4 now pings Ping-O-Matic by default. Woohoo!

Server Move

The first wave of new servers just came online. We’ll be configuring them and moving the site over tonight, so there may be some funkiness in the interim. UPDATE: Move complete. Let’s see how this new hardware holds up.

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