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May 2007

ESWAT web project framework

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This framework is meant to remove the hassle of recreating the same folders, HTML tags, CSS rules, Photoshop guides, etc. for every new project, and help create grid-based layouts in Photoshop to boot.

March 2007

gmachina - gaming feeds in bulk

gmachina is an independent gaming news aggregator by Philip Karpiak. Taking feeds from a select few of t3h intarw3b's best gaming websites, gmachina compiles the latest and greatest news about video games onto a single page.

December 2006

Rapid XHTML/CSS development using templates

Ever wanted to get your XHTML or CSS files off the ground a little bit faster, and with ease? Then keep reading, as this post is all about reducing the time wasted on performing redundant tasks, such as setting up new XHTML and CSS files.

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