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December 2007

google experimenting social marketing style of voting similar to digg

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Recently TechCrunch has put up an interesting post about a Google experimenting, that allows that the site popularity are estimated through vote by others users.

March 2007

Microsoft Small Business Summit

Guy Kawasaki lays out the strategic steps for creating new products and services and will be speaking on The Art of Innovation at Microsoft Small Business Summit, the largest virtual event that lasts for five days on the March 19th at 11:00 am. At summit will also participate others gurus that will help you learn how to Take your Business to the Next Level. Topics include: managing finances, sales and marketing, productivity and mobility, and computer security.

Mel Carson from Microsoft AdCenter speaking at Seodays

Today I came across an interesting event and I want to use this space to announce it. Mel Carson from Microsoft AdCenter UK joins us at Seodays next week at the Euston Hilton Hotel in London. Take a look at your calendar.You probable have it marked up with important dates March 20th and 21st. Mel Carson will comes to present some tools available for advertisers and marketers.

How to increase your Click-Through Rates with Adsense affiliate program.

Every web publisher has a blog that's been sitting there for ages and to make monies online is the one thing that anyone with a blog hopes for again and again. But, creating a successful online business is very tough. I have worked very hard, and I am really happy to report that my trading proficts have been increasing since the start. I think AdSense is fantastic If you use this fantastic affiliate program as me, the two most important factors that you must put in mind to get the most clicks with adsense are:

Seasonal Blogging

For Every blogger becomes increasingly important to maintain high visibility and exposure for the content being generated by closely following the major distribution media. If you're one of them, that's a challenge you'll have to overcome. Building a successful blog doesn't happen in one day, and building good contents is not easy to web publisher that have often problems that doesn't allow them to publish articles. Maybe they’re distracted, unmotivated, or they’re too busy.

WiFi Hotspots for public access Internet

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The WI-FI technology are a reality on the internet users today. tHE WI-FI SIGNAL are identifiable through a device called WiFi hotspot locators. Hotspots are often located in places such as airports, libraries, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. For those who has close attention to my articles, I just gave some Online Wi-Fi HotSpot Location Directory, are common gathering points for “road warriors”, so the danger of wasting lots of time to finds them is reduced.

February 2007

Graphics and innovations

services of antivirus, voip, computers, phone, 3d, general technology and more for all internet user

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