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03 April 2007

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript

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Despite the many JavaScript libraries that are available today, I cannot find one that makes it easy to add keyboard shortcuts(or accelerators) to your javascript app. This is because keyboard shortcuts where only used in JavaScript games - no serious web application used keyboard shortcuts to navigate around its interface. But google apps like Google Reader and Gmail changed that. So, I have created a function to make adding shortcuts to your application much easier.

Setting & Retrieving Accesskeys with JavaScript and DOM

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Accessibility expert Ian Lloyd revisits the accesskey attribute, working with JavaScript and the DOM to enable users to set their own access keys

13 February 2007

Graceful degradation and progressive enhancement

are two sides of the same coin. Both are — in this context — applied to make a web site accessible to any user agent, while providing improved aesthetics and/or usability for more capable browsers. The difference between the two is where you begin your approach.

11 February 2007

Highslide JS

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Highslide JS, formerly Vevstein Thumbnail Expander, is a piece of JavaScript that streamlines the use of thumbnail images on web pages.

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