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April 2007

The History and Evolution of Teddy Bears - Associated Content

Teddy bears became all the rage, a craze similar to that of the Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie Babies. Society ladies could be seen going about town carrying their Teddy bears. Bears of all colors and kinds were produced and there was competition for the I

March 2007

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Thus in the present scenario, an effective leader can be made if an individual takes the initiative to lead and makes an effort to stand out in the crowd.

February 2007

Vitamins Information and Resources - Liquid Vitamins Facts

There are also tablet vitamins that appear too hard to be dissolved in the digestive system. This is however, a problem of quality and these types of vitamins should be avoided as any reputable company should not sell you junk type medication.

What is Agnosticism? A Short Explanation of the Agnostic Position

Atheist EthicistAtheist RevolutionUnscrewing The InscrutableNaturalistic AtheismThe Evangelical AtheistRationally SpeakingGod is for Suckers!More...

What is Agnosticism? Philosophical Agnosticism

Philosophically, agnosticism can be described as being based upon two separate principles. The first principle is epistemological in that it relies upon empirical and logical means for acquiring knowledge about the world. The second principle is moral in

January 2007

Debris · The Ultimate Cats Blog · Everything you want to know about cats and kittens

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A free humor column including science fiction humor, family humor, observational humor and other types of humor along with a few serious thoughts by award-winnning newspaper columnist Gary Greenberg.Cosmic debris

World of Apple - Exclusive: New Leopard Build in Images

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So, if they recommend files not to be heavily fragmented, will we then get an official statement from Apple (the current one advises against defragmenting) saying how to defragment? As a system option recommends defragmenting will we then get a defrag too, home & gardening products convenience store

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You sure also got yourself silk cushion covers to compliment the colors of your curtains and valances. Silk cushion covers you particularly chose because of the bright shiny colors that always mark pure silk fabrics as something special amongst all your b

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