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30 March 2007

Spanish in No Time! - Dr Robert Blair Foreign Language Study / Spanish

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-IMMEDIATELY learn Spanish that you can use in real situations -LEARN the practical applications you need -DEVELOP vocabulary through entertaining stories and games -MASTER easy and effective memory tricks -DISCOVER ways to practice on your laptop whi

26 March 2007

FSI Language Courses

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Added the student text for Volume 1 to the Korean Basic Course. Many thanks to juhraffe for donating the text and doing the digitization work!

25 March 2007

Foreign Language Zone - Pimsleur German I Part 3

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Devised by language educator Dr Paul Pimsleur, Simon and Schuster’s Pimsleur Language courses provide the listener with a comprehensive, self instructional, step-by-step guide on how to learn a new language.

Foreign Language Zone - Japanese

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Pimsleur Japanese I & II Complete Courses Japanese Levels I & II. Includes 32 hours of spoken language practice in sixty 30-minute audio lessons... Pimsleur Japanese I, II, & III Complete Courses Japanese Levels I, II & III. Includes 48 hours of spoken

23 March 2007

BBC - Languages - Homepage

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Gauge your level, Spanish Steps, Talk Spanish, crosswords and more...

20 March 2007

Download Full Length Anime Movies & Anime DVDs - Speedy Anime Movie Downloads Archive 3

The list below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the anime movies you may be able to download online!

01 March 2007