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10 principles of effective information management

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Successful information management is about organisational and cultural change, and this can only be achieved through strong leadership. The starting point is to create a clear vision of the desired outcomes of the information management strategy. This

Internet Archive: Details: Course 3: Digital Logic, Computer Organization, and Design (ArsDigita University)

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Course DescriptionExam 02: Solutions (MS Word)Exam 01 (MS Word)Exam 01: Solutions (MS Word)Exam 02 (MS Word)Exam 03 (MS Word)Exam 03: Solutions (MS Word)Lecture 01: Notes (PDF)Lecture 02: Notes (PDF)Lecture 03: Notes (PDF)Lecture 04: Notes (PDF)Lecture 0

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CEOtrainer |

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The CEO's that I train get better business results as they are given the tools to fully harness all the assetts at their disposal in the business - the biggest assett of any business being the truly comitted and engaged people making up the business.