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August 2008

July 2008

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MySpace Layouts

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Our advanced designs are called MySpace Div Layouts, which is an original design that overlays your default page content, allowing for a flexible layout and one-of-a-kind presentation. With this layout method, the look, feel and format of your page can be

Medieval 2: Total War - TWC Wiki

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After some initial hold-ups unpacking and working on certain new file types things in M2 modding community have been going swimmingly...

May 2008

List of English words without rhymes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The following is a list of English words without rhymes, i.e. a list of words in the English language which rhyme with no other English words in the sense that they are pronounced in the same way from the vowel sound of the main stressed syllable onwards.

List of English words containing Q not followed by U - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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In many word games, most famously in Scrabble, a player must build a word using a certain set of letters. Therefore, if a player is obliged to use a Q but does not have a U, it may be useful to construct words from this list. In Scrabble in North America,

April 2008

March 2008

Mandarin Design: CSS Opacity and Transparency

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Hover here. The Filter Opacity works in Mozilla and IE. It also works in current versions of Opera.This is opacity 75%

April 2007

Main Page - mojax - mFoundry Wiki

A collection of moblets and their source code is available for download and study from

The History and Evolution of Teddy Bears - Associated Content

Teddy bears became all the rage, a craze similar to that of the Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie Babies. Society ladies could be seen going about town carrying their Teddy bears. Bears of all colors and kinds were produced and there was competition for the I

Sorting Algorithms Demo

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Metrics to be added: Counting of element comparisons and element swaps. Counting of loop comparisons. Counting of recursive calls. One of my favorite references to sorting routines is "Sorting" by William A. Martin, in ACM Computing Surveys, V

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