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April 2007

The History and Evolution of Teddy Bears - Associated Content

Teddy bears became all the rage, a craze similar to that of the Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie Babies. Society ladies could be seen going about town carrying their Teddy bears. Bears of all colors and kinds were produced and there was competition for the I

March 2007

February 2007

Glass Make Stain Window

Home Car Window Glass Replacement Hanging Window Frame Art Glass Langston Art Glass Window Preassembled Glass Block Window Design Of Stain Glass Window Stained Glass Window Supplies Ppg Glass Window Home Glass Stained Wallpaper Window Replacemen

Object-Oriented Event Listening through Partial Application in JavaScript

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My dear friend Peter Wängelin provided the initial motivation for the article by asking some good questions that I felt deserved some good, written answers.

January 2007

Confidence From Item Knowing That

Items like "getting in shape" are so vague as to be unclear. One problem is not knowing when the store would be open was keeping them away In 7 days youll be amazed with your new found confidence and sense of humor to include it.) It seemed not knowing wh

How to Make a Candle That Smells Great - Associated Content

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I have always loved the smell of candles. My mother said to me one day "too bad, they do not make a candle that the scent can last as long as the candle does." That was all it took for me to get every book out there on how to make candles. In my research

Fragments Of Freedom Sound Recording Reviews

Find Best Sites For fragments of freedom sound recording reviews With iSourceCenter! - "iSourceCenter" is an excellent resource for quality sites on fragments of freedom sound recording reviews and much more! iSourceCenter also provides related listings

Plain Old XML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Plain Old XML (POX) is a term used to describe basic XML, sometimes mixed in with other, blendable specifications like XML Namespaces, Dublin Core, XInclude and XLink. People typically use the term as a contrast with complicated, multilayered XML specific

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