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March 2007

Seven Hidden Secrets of Motivation - Todd Beeler Self Help / Motivation

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Open your mind to these breakthrough ideas, and you will: -Learn 10 ways to uncover the unconscious beliefs that have been stopping you-Discover the secret of the world’s top salesperson-Master the mystery of charisma-Find out how helping others can i

February 2007

Companion Planting

You are unlikely to solve all your problems with companion planting. It is far from an exact science, and results from some relationships often differ from garden to garden. One of the problems is that different varieties of vegetables behave differently,

January 2007

Pruning Cuts

When heavier pruning is needed, it should be done over a period of years. Removal of too much foliage in a season puts the root system under stress and may lead to structurally unsound sucker growth.