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August 2008

July 2008

MySpace Layouts

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Our advanced designs are called MySpace Div Layouts, which is an original design that overlays your default page content, allowing for a flexible layout and one-of-a-kind presentation. With this layout method, the look, feel and format of your page can be

Auto Total Loss Part 2

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So how can you dispute a low value? How can you document your file so you get paid what your vehicle is worth?

April 2008

Get Paid For Online Survey - How to Choose a Company

If you want to get paid for all the online surveys, then log on to Get Paid for Online Survey or Paid for Online Survey, your sure shout way of earning money on the Internet.

March 2008

Reputable Online Casinos - The most popular casinos on line

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* Payout percentages are typically calculated by comparing winnings to wagered amounts for the games at the casino.

April 2007

The History and Evolution of Teddy Bears - Associated Content

Teddy bears became all the rage, a craze similar to that of the Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie Babies. Society ladies could be seen going about town carrying their Teddy bears. Bears of all colors and kinds were produced and there was competition for the I

March 2007

Techtalk has the most comprehensive collection of articles on the MySpace story in a well organized format. Many of these address the reasons for the site’s success.

Wal-Marts new strategy goes back to basics: Saving money - International Herald Tribune

There are "price value shoppers," mostly suburban women who have a low income and want to stretch their money further; "brand aspirationals," often urban residents who also have a low income but are obsessed with brands; and "price-sensitive affluents," w

PRWebs New "Easy Submit" Service Simplifies Online Visibility

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Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) February 23, 2007 -- PRWeb, a leading online direct-to-consumer press release newswire, today announced a new "Easy Submit" service to simplify the press release process for online visibility through PRWeb.

February 2007

The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues and Practice - Future Financial Frameworks - Essentials for Risk-Based Capital Management

We think that the development of future standards on risk-based capital management should be based on a small set of principles. These principles are essential to future solvency requirements but should also be obeyed by rating agencies and by the insuran

January 2007

How to Make a Candle That Smells Great - Associated Content

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I have always loved the smell of candles. My mother said to me one day "too bad, they do not make a candle that the scent can last as long as the candle does." That was all it took for me to get every book out there on how to make candles. In my research


Built in 1886, architect Peter Dederichs designed this church in the Renaissance Revival style which was based on 16th century Italian architecture. It featured common style elements such as a rusticated stone base, pilasters and class

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