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April 2007

The History and Evolution of Teddy Bears - Associated Content

Teddy bears became all the rage, a craze similar to that of the Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie Babies. Society ladies could be seen going about town carrying their Teddy bears. Bears of all colors and kinds were produced and there was competition for the I

February 2007

Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) from WebPasties - Step #1 to Step #4

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Now lets get some instant gratification and add the code that makes the round trip to the server. We first specify the URL for the server-side script to be getCityState.php?param= . This URL will then have the ZIP Code appended to it so that the ZIP cod

Myspace Border Image

Www.myspace.comBut it looks like everyone else's. Can I jazz it up with my own custom Myspace layout colors and background image? border width ; border px border color ; body background url http Find old friends and meet new friends as you network s