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April 2007

March 2007

How to access blocked websites - Top 10 - WebStuffScan - Scanning the Web for the good stuff!

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Internet censoring is now everywhere. In my office Orkut is blocked since there was an Orkut virus scare. Countries such as China, Saudi Arabia etc. routinely block many websites. Interestingly entire and similar blog sites were banned in Ind

February 2007

CSS - Conditional comments

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Are conditional comments CSS hacks? Strictly speaking, yes, since they can serve to give special style instructions to some browsers. However, they do not rely on one browser bug to solve another one, as all true CSS hacks do. Besides, they can be used fo

Do-it-yourself: Stop junk mail, email and phone calls

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Even though junk mail can often be recycled, recycling is second best to reducing need 1. Much junk mail uses virgin paper, often of types with poor recycling value and toxic inks. Recycling itself takes energy and resources and has its own impacts on t

January 2007

The Memory Hole > The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile

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While President of Harvard from 1933 to 1953, James Bryant Conant wrote that the change to a forced, rigid, potential-destroying educational system had been demanded by "certain industrialists and the innovative who

Keep Your Child Prepared For Summertime Allergies

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Air Cleaners For Allergy SufferersAir Cleaners for Allergy Sufferers...air-cleaners-for-allergy-sufferers.php

The lock-out begins for Office Mac users | APC Magazine

Take Word 2007, for example. By default it saves documents in the new *.docx format. Trying to open one of these in Word for Mac 2004 yields the following garbled mess:

Trees Lounge

Monday, December 04, 2006 Fuel My Internet Addiction This is exactly the sort of reason I have an internet addiction. And this is almost exclusively for you, Stuart. Do not let any

Aromatherapy|How Aromatherapy Can Benefit Babies

Aromatherapy is the wonderful smell of a baby fresh from its bath, smelling clean, feeling warm and cuddly. Oh wait, that’s another type of aromatherapy! The truth is, your baby can benefit from aromatherapy and massage. The trick is to use moder

What Are Blogs at Blogging Guide

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Trade journals and specialist publications are being edged out of the online media market by an increasingly successful wave of super blogs, according to the boss of weblog tracking index Technorati.

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