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April 2007

Democracy: Internet TV

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We have two crucial advantages over traditional software companies. First, being a non-profit organization means our mission is to support our users, not create profits for investors. Second, by making our software free and open-source, anyone can contrib

German 9/11 Victim Defamed in "United 93" Movie - Atlantic Review - Analysis of Transatlantic Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy

To explain the lack of criticism in Germany: Maybe nobody cared to watch a movie without hollywood stars, or the German version was changed or the German passenger was not recognized as German because the movie was synchonized into German.

March 2007

How to access blocked websites - Top 10 - WebStuffScan - Scanning the Web for the good stuff!

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Internet censoring is now everywhere. In my office Orkut is blocked since there was an Orkut virus scare. Countries such as China, Saudi Arabia etc. routinely block many websites. Interestingly entire and similar blog sites were banned in Ind

1080p Does Matter - Heres When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution)

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In conclusion: If you are a videophile with a properly setup viewing room, you should definitely be able to notice the resolution enhancement that 1080p brings. However, if you are an average consumer with a plasma on the far wall of your family room, you

February 2007

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Then if you think your boss is a woman who looks like a man, or a man who looks like a woman& you really have issues!

Word Spy

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The picture was created for a documentary which examines the growing number of skinny celebrities and worrying trend for sub-zero sizes.

CSS - Conditional comments

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Are conditional comments CSS hacks? Strictly speaking, yes, since they can serve to give special style instructions to some browsers. However, they do not rely on one browser bug to solve another one, as all true CSS hacks do. Besides, they can be used fo

Best Guides Products: Air Purifiers | Air Purifiers: The Benefits of Reading Reviews

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Air Purifiers: The Benefits of Reading ReviewsAre you looking to purchase a new air purifier for your home? If so, have you purchased one before? If you have never purchased an air purifier before, you may not know exactly what you should be looking for

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Prep you cease codification, sorting and throwing away unwelcome items you disposition be perplexed to see your garage flooring and corners again. Perhaps your car drive fit in the garage again.

1080p charted: Viewing distance to screen size - Engadget HD

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Google Toolbar SEO Buttons

SEO Book, these Toolbar Buttons, and this site are so not associated with or most of the other sites which the buttons link to, etc.

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