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"Un moteur de recherche personnalisé et personnalisable." Possibilité de partager ces résultats aussi.

Step by Step - Show and explain visitors what your page has for them

«... explain an interface to users in a step-by-step manner. »



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« Meta maps mashup »

Google maps vs. Yahoo! maps

Google maps et Yahoo maps côte à côte.

Photo on the map

« Explore photos tagged with nyc on a Map »

Microformats Search and Pingerati Update

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Karl Dubost : "...mettre en ligne l'ensemble de vos informations personnelles et semi publiques est devenu un problème."

Google hCalendar

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"...a Firefox Greasemonkey script, automatically identifies hCalendar microformat events and inserts buttons to add such events to Google Calendar."

Mon Web 2.0 Yahoo

"...trouver, sauver et partager de l'information sur Internet."

On Bots

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Analyse des comportements des robots des 3 plus gros moteurs de recherche.

Yahoo! MapMaker for Microsoft Excel

"...a Microsoft Excel template that enables any user of Excel to plot data on a Yahoo! map without programming."

Mo' Beta Maps

"Global satellite imagery added to Yahoo! Maps beta."

Google Finance

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Un autre Google vs. Yahoo.

Yahoo ! UI Library

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"...a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, HTML and AJAX."

2005 : y.ah.oo !

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Après Flickr, Yahoo achète La fin du web tel que l'on a pu le connaître ces trois dernières années. Qui sera le prochain ?

GeoRSS Map Viewer

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"...combine the ease of creating a Yahoo! Simple Map with the nice user-interface of a Google Maps app."

Yahoo ! 's new twist on mapping APIs

A map application entirely in Flash.

The Yahoo ! Weather RSS Service

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"...keep track of the weather at your favorite locations in an RSS reader...".

Flickr Fans to Yahoo : Flick Off !

"...a harbinger of the greater sensitivity we need to show in the future as we take more seriously the psychological importance of our digital lives".

Hacking Maps with the Google Maps API

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Développer une application de localisation géographique avec l'API de Google maps.

Yahoo search in Firefox sidebar

Une extension qui permet d'afficher les résultats d'une recherche Yahoo dans la barre de côté de Firefox.

Yahoo ! Search Wiki

Sans commentaire !

Yahoo ! Search blog

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"A look inside the world of search from the people of Yahoo!"

Yahoo ! Search Web Services

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"Yahoo! Search Web Services allow you to access Yahoo content and services in your favorite programming languages".

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