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August 2006

8 steps to serving better (X)HTML

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"Last but not least, nearly every site we reviewed could use hCard to markup their contact info."

July 2006

Must Ignore vs. Microformats

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"There’s simply no advantage to microformats compared to macroformats."

October 2005

Introducing Embedded RDF

" enhanced way to embed RDF into XHTML that doesn't require any new markup".

September 2005

Writing Semantic Markup

"It does us no good to have overly technical specifications that only hardcore developers can use, in the same way that it does us no good to have simplistic solutions written for non-techies that don't help us do things more efficiently".

June 2005

hReview 0.2

"Fresh from furious edits, the authors of hReview bring you hReview 0.2".

xFolk Entry 0.4 - Microformat for decentralized tagging

by 9 others
" xhtml microformat that enables users to tag and share bookmarks on the Internet without using a centralized system such as or flickr".

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