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November 2006

Réalisation d'un design complet (XHTML / CSS) en 5 étapes

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« ... étape par étape comment faire le code xhtml et css d'un design pas forcément très évolué mais vous pourrez comprendre le processus de création d'un design en xhtml et css. »

February 2006


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"The first web based WYSIWYG form builder."

January 2006

The Accessibility Hat Trick : Getting Abbreviations Right

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"By taking the time to pull off the accessibility hat trick, to make our content standards compliant, backwards compatible, and fully accessible, we allow all users to approach our content as equals. That's what AAA-level conformance is about."

July 2005

Accessible Data Tables

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"Where it appears that id and headers are the most effective way to make complex data tables accessible".

January 2005

The perils of using XHTML properly

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"...plenty of seemingly small issues that can make life difficult when you start using real XHTML"

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