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July 2006

Microformats Search and Pingerati Update

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Karl Dubost : "...mettre en ligne l'ensemble de vos informations personnelles et semi publiques est devenu un problème."

September 2005

Technorati Blog Finder Tutorial in english and dutch

"Un screencast pour comprendre comment inclure son blogue dans le Technorati Blog Finder".

June 2005

À l'agenda des microformats

"Faudrait-il créer une license de type CreativeCommons sur l'utilisation de nos données personnelles ?"

New Technorati Beta

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"Technorati brings you what's happening on the web right now". Dommage que tout ne rentre pas dans la largeur mon tout petit écran :)

February 2005

Tag Spam

""Tag Spam" will be (or is) the practice of associating unrelated content (pr0n links, adverts, viagra pill adverts, press releases) with well-known tags with the purpose of encouraging click-throughs to said content".

January 2005

Clarifying tags

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"We have defined a new value "tag" which means 'treat the linked page as a category tag'. It is the link itself that has meaning here, not the link text you use".

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