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Christopher Blizzard » announcing whoisi

"... a site that lets you easily keep track of what your friends are doing on the Internet via RSS feeds - but with some twists."


The Ultimate RSS Toolbox

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« Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place… »

Address Fix

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« Geotag your site, your blog, your RSS Feed or generate your KML. »

JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful

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« For every badge/widget/gadget out there, I'd like to see a discoverable API that allows me to get the same data via a simple REST based API that emits RSS (with extensions where it makes sense). The link to get that data should be rendered on the badge. »


Use Adobe Reader 8 as an RSS reader

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« Turns out you can use the PDF viewer as a fairly capable RSS reader. »

OPML Auto-discovery Bookmarklet

« The bookmarklet lists each of these files as Grazr hyperlinks: when you click on any of these a Grazr window is opened in a new tab, displaying the contents of the OPML file or the RSS feed. »

My Timelines

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« ... let's you easily add an AJAX based timeline that displays your most recent blog entries. »

HTML / XHTML / XML / WML Validator

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« Beyond HTML / XHTML and WML validation, Validome offers you the possibiliy to validate xml, dtd-schema, rss, atom and google sitemap. »

RSS Duplicate Detection

« How does one uniquely identify an item in a feed while still allowing for that item to be updated? »

Feeds As Attack Delivery Systems

About "various forms of attacks based on Web feeds that follow the RSS, Atom and XML standards."

Feed Access Control Standard for RSS and ATOM

"...a new way to claim your own feeds and indicate whether you want your feed included or excluded from Blog & Feed search on and Bloglines."

How to easily get mp3 files from the web to your mp3 player

"The beauty here is the when you use the system:filetype:mp3 feature of, the rss feed is magically converted to include the mp3 files as enclosures."

How to make a GeoRSS from RSS

" to turn any RSS feed (that contains datelines or placenames) into a [Google Earth] KML network link".

Wikipedia Article Revisions Now RSS Enabled

Utile pour tous ceux qui sont intérressés par le suivi de l'historique d'une page de Wikipedia.

On RSS and Atom

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"My recommendation to application developers today is to use Atom 1.0, not RSS, as the basis for your content syndication."


"...layer multiple GeoRSS feeds from different sources into a single map, and search the database of GeoRSS feeds by keyword and location."

The Blogosphere Mob

"The blogosphere was built on nay-saying the protectionist aspect of the current media. In full circle, the blogosphere has in turn become that protectionist media." Mob, money and power on the web. I like it !

Requesting a MIME Media Type for RSS

On se demanderait presque pourquoi cela n'avait pas enore été fait.

iTunes Offers PDF Subscriptions, eBooks Next ?

"Taking this a step further, it's also highly possible that if iTunes enhances its DRM to include other enclosures it will move into e-books and or e-magazines."

RSS Appreciation Day

Un jour pour RSS ?

Atom as a Case Study

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Why ? How ? And lessons about Atom by Tim Bray.

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