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April 2007

Pour ne plus être en REST, comprendre cette architecture

« Si vous essayez de comprendre REST, cette série est faite pour vous. »

February 2007

JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful

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« For every badge/widget/gadget out there, I'd like to see a discoverable API that allows me to get the same data via a simple REST based API that emits RSS (with extensions where it makes sense). The link to get that data should be rendered on the badge. »

October 2006

How I Explained REST to My Wife

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« The only thing left to figure out is what the data should look like. »

November 2005

A RESTful Web service, an example

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"...a little example of a RESTful version of a simple Web service you might already know about, the Delicious API."

September 2005

Interactive REST Tutorial

"This tutorial explains how to use a Web Service with an interface based on the principles of the Representational State Transfer architecture. In this tutorial, the reader can experiment by sending GET, POST, PUT and DELETE messages to a Web Service".

June 2005

Apprendre REST - un style d'architecture du Web

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"Traduction en français d'articles écrits par Joe Gregorio dans le cadre de la rubrique "RESTful" de". Est-ce aussi une bonne idée à creuser pour Pompage ?

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