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Browser Pong

Jouer au ping-pong dans son navigateur grâce à html5 (ne fonctionne que sur les navigateurs modernes qui supportent html5).

Video for Everybody!

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"Video for Everybody is very simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element which offers native playback in Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 & 4, Google Chrome and an increasing number of other browsers: "

Opera Mini 5 beta

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Tabbed browsing, Speed Dial, ... Opera mini is really the most popular mobile phone browser.


WebKit winz


your search engine is google, your mail is google mail, your docs are on google docs, your maps are google, the ads you see are google, your system is Android, your browser is Google Chrome. Did someone hear the word "monopoly" ?

C'est ce vers quoi tendent toutes les entreprises. Le problème avec Google est qu'il se donne des moyens réels d'y arriver.



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« ... a software bundle that can be easily installed on a portable memory (pendrive, usb stick, hard drive) to allow anonymous surfing while at an internet cafe, library etc. ... »


Bye Bye Embed

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"...get rid of embed."

Inline SVG

"Browsers and aggregators support with inline SVG".

Bonne Annee 2006

Une tentative un peu désuette de tester la dernière version d'Inkscape ainsi que le tout nouveau support SVG de Mozilla Firefox 1.5 que ceux qui n'utilisent pas ce navigateur ne pourront malheureusement pas complètement aprécier.



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Un navigateur "social" basé sur Firefox.

Firemonger 1.5 Public Beta Released

"The Firemonger project produces a multilingual downloadable CD image of the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, together with some selected plugins, extensions, themes, utilities and a beginner's guide. Tech-savvy users are encour

Opera is Free !

" more ads, no more registration, and there has been no better time to try the best browser on the planet".

Ajax im

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"...ajax im is a browser-based instant messaging client".

SVG on Minimo

"A couple initial snapshots of SVG running in Minimo".


Video of ABC News on Firefox

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Bien sûr y en a qui diront que la télé, c'est mieux :)

How Microsoft can support CSS2 without breaking the Web

"In its short, 2 1/2 year life, the Netscape Evangelism team helped literally thousands of authors and adminstrators of web sites around the world to improve their support for the W3C DOM and CSS Standards. If such a small group with limited resources can

Mozilla Firefox in Wikipedia

"Cookies are delicious delicacies."

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