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The sound of the solar system. Sort of...


Pirater n’est pas voler, en sept mythes — Climb to the Stars

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"Pirater n’est pas voler. Le vol enlève l’objet original, le piratage le duplique"

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"The internet makes it easy to share anything with anyone across the globe in a heartbeat; it's about time music joined the party."



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Continue the web mixtape movement ; Host your own mixtape.

Mixwit :: media playground

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<p>"Create & Share Mixtapes" again.</p><p>Oldies but goodies !</p>


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"... a service for creating mixtapes. Users may not upload multiple songs from the same album or artist, or songs they do not have permission to let Muxtape use. Individual users may not create multiple muxtapes. Accounts not meeting these restrictions are subject to termination without notice."

Never sleep

Elle ne dort jamais !



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« - Share your photos, music, videos, - Create your multimedia blog »


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« 11 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco. »


15 ways to get more out of Pandora

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« ... better music - and better performance - out of Pandora. »

100 Awesome Music Videos

Oldies but Goodies !


La voix de Bob Dylan et quelques lettres en Garamond pour une animation Flash assez impressionnante.


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Amusant et bien observé. Bonne musique aussi.


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"Try before you buy" : "...shareware model applied to music."


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"Songbird is a Web player built from Firefox's browser engine."

Super Mario sound

These HotLinks remind me something fun :)

Happy Birthday

Petit concerto pour piano pour fêter le 250ème anniversaire de la naissance de Mozart.


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"...a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you


Foafing the music

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Un système de recommandations musicales qui s'appuie sur des profils utilisateurs FOAF.

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