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October 2005

Yet Another RSS History

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"In this universe there was no RSS. No syndication wars...There was no need for any new format for business cards, calendars, blogs, link lists, reviews, pet profiles. XHTML with CSS was more than enough".

September 2005

Writing Semantic Markup

"It does us no good to have overly technical specifications that only hardcore developers can use, in the same way that it does us no good to have simplistic solutions written for non-techies that don't help us do things more efficiently".

June 2005


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" would enable end-users to register their favorite tool of choice so that wherever they traveled on the web, by simply clicking on the the 'ReBlg' button - they could easily send that post to their favorite tool". Mouais ?:)

XML et RSS : chronique d'une mort annoncée ?

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Est-ce que les microformats savent faire le café ? Je ne suis quand même pas sûr que foaf, rss ou vcard soient les meilleurs exemples de ce que peut-être un microformat.

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