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"... creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts."

A essayer bien sûr avec des sites, des blogs ou des textes plein de références géographiques...


Unobtrusively Mapping Microformats with jQuery

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"... build a map of some of my favourite restaurants in Brighton. Fitting with the principles of unobtrusive JavaScript, we’ll start with a semantically marked up list of restaurants, then use JavaScript to add the map, look up the restaurant locations and plot them as markers."

Microformats in SVG

Apparemment plutôt simple en effet.

Semantics in HTML - 1.”traditional semantic HTML”

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« This is the first in a series of articles which aims to survey the issue of semantics in current web design and development (for the HTML based web, not the “Semantic Web”). »


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A Platform for Utilizing Microformats.

Planet Microformats

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Le titre dit tout :)


Introducing Operator

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« ... a Microformat Detection Extension for Firefox 2 »


« ... how the use of semantic markup and microformats on your public-facing pages could obsolete a lot of common read-heavy API methods. »

Microformats Bookmarklet

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« ... bring up an overlay window of all the hCards and hCalendars within the current page. »

The Big Picture on Microformats

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« ... what people are doing with microformats right now... »

Tails Firefox Extension 0.3

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« ... view microformats embedded on a web page. »

8 steps to serving better (X)HTML

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"Last but not least, nearly every site we reviewed could use hCard to markup their contact info."

Must Ignore vs. Microformats

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"There’s simply no advantage to microformats compared to macroformats."

Microformats Search and Pingerati Update

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Karl Dubost : "...mettre en ligne l'ensemble de vos informations personnelles et semi publiques est devenu un problème."

Sparkle Microcontent Viewer

Une façon de voir des microformats dans un navigateur.

Google hCalendar

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"...a Firefox Greasemonkey script, automatically identifies hCalendar microformat events and inserts buttons to add such events to Google Calendar."

Technorati Microformats Search

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"Search for contacts, events, or reviews published on blogs and other web sites."

Exploring Live Clipboard

"...examples of Live Clipboard in use...".



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"...a very simple technique for dynamically updating web pages using JavaScript. It involves using XMLHTTPRequest to retrieve (X)HTML fragments which are then inserted directly into the web page, whence they can be styled using CSS."

Practical Microformats with hCard

"Of the data you’re giving away, it makes sense to give it as much meaning as possible, thus enabling anyone from your friends and family to the giant search company down the road to make the most of it."

Using hcards in your blog

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A suivre, cette façon d'utiliser les infos des personnes qui commentent sur votre weblogue.

Yet Another RSS History

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"In this universe there was no RSS. No syndication wars...There was no need for any new format for business cards, calendars, blogs, link lists, reviews, pet profiles. XHTML with CSS was more than enough".

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