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typeface.js -- Rendering text with Javascript, <canvas>, and VML

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"Instead of creating images or using flash just to show your site's graphic text in the font you want, you can use typeface.js and write in plain HTML and CSS, just as if your visitors had the font installed locally."

curvyCorners - [Usage].

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"The following instructions will round the corners of a DIV element with a 20 pixel radius." A essayer très bientôt ;)




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« ... a lightweight structured data publishing framework that lets you create web pages with support for sorting, filtering, and rich visualizations by writing only HTML and optionally some CSS and Javascript code. »

Firebug 1.0 Beta Screencast

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« ... a short screencast demoing some features of Firebug... »

Firebug 1.0 Beta

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« ... edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. Sortie de la version 1.0 beta. »

CSS Photo Shuffler

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« A Javascript CSS replacement for Flash photo fading slideshow. »

Unobtrusive Sidenotes

"...a dead simple way to include nicely highlighted sidenotes that live alongside your primary text." Very nice !

Cross-browser BlendTrans Filter JavaScript

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"...a cool looking fade in/out javascript effect".

Lightbox Gone Wild !

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"...presenting more information to a user without taking them to a new page or forcing a pop-up."


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"...a new tool for Firefox that aids with debugging Javascript, DHTML, and Ajax." Bien sûr faudrait quand même pas pousser mémé dans les orties non plus :)

Focus Slide Navigation

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Un moyen pour faire glisser un menu de navigation.


FACE: Faruk's Animated CSS Enhancements

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"...developed to allow standards-compliant web developers to put more life and energy into their pages, without having to learn Javascript or Flash : all it takes is basic math skills and a good understanding of CSS."

Behaviour is the missing link for your ajax apps

by 27 others
"Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript functionality".

Select element : Something New Part I

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"We all know the select is just plain ugly. That said, some creative thinking can improve it".

Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS

by 30 others
"Allow input wherever you have output"

Drag and Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

by 17 others
Comment ré-arranger des listes avec CSS et Javascript. Génial !

Cachez ce pre que je ne saurais voir

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"Un script JavaScript qui change les balises HTML pre simples en listes de définition ol".

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