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On password fields masking and Jakob Nielsen

"... a GreaseMonkey script that adds a link to any password field that allows me to toggle its display..."

delicious star rater for Greasemonkey

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"... rate your most favourite bookmarks on with an awesome star-rater."

A priori à utiliser avec parcimonie. Mais pas une mauvaise idée quand même... A essayer pour voir !



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Un thème minimaliste pour Google Reader.


Try This Search On

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« This script tries to detect when you are searching any website and then provides links to do a similar search on:,, dmoz, Google, Live (msn), Yahoo!, Wikipedia and YouTube. »


Flickr Map Icon Greasemonkey Script

« ... add a small icon just above Flickr's geotaged photos. »


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"...a tool that puts a programming environment in Firefox so you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing."

Google hCalendar

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"...a Firefox Greasemonkey script, automatically identifies hCalendar microformat events and inserts buttons to add such events to Google Calendar."

Google Calendar in Gmail

"...a Greasemonkey script which will show the Google Calendar agenda on the left-hand side in Gmail."

Intégrer coComment sur votre blog

Instructions, script, bookmarklet et extension FF pour utiliser ou intégrer coComment dans son blog. greasemonkey script

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Un script greasemonkey pour limiter à 255 le nombre de caractères des commentaires qui accompagnent vos bookmarks


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"This script uses the fantastic lightbox.js to enhance browsing on Flickr."

Google Video for Everyone

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Un script Greasemonkey pour voir des vidéos Google Video même si ce n'est pas encore possible près de chez vous. Minimal !


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Un script greasemonkey qui permet, pour un tag donné, de complèter les résultats d'une recherche Google avec des 'marks'



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Greasemonkey server-side.

Google Reader Mousewheel and Keyboard Enhancer

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"Greasemonkey script to enable the scrollwheel in Google Reader".

Tiny Greasemonkey script for Flickr page titles

Pour ceux qui n'aiment pas le "photo sharing".

Beat Any Website into Shape with Greasemonkey

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"This article looks at user scripting in general, and Greasemonkey in particular, to explore some possible applications, and discuss any issues that arise".

Foaf:name with Greasemonkey

Un script Greasemonkey pour afficher le foaf:name des auteurs des sites que l'on visite.

Greasemonkey 0.5.1 Final

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"...available for download".

Greasemonkey 0.5 Beta

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"The major news with this release is, of course, security. Install at your own risk".

Open source attitude

Un bon exemple de ce que peut apporter le développement d'applications open source.

Greasemonkey 0.4.1

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Une nouvelle version qui semble fermer toutes les récentes failles de sécurité de cette géniale extension qu'est greasemonkey.

Understanding the Greasemonkey vulnerability

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"...until then, 0.3.5 is the only safe version of Greasemonkey".

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