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Getting started with RDFa: Creating a basic FOAF profile

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"Now that the RDFa syntax is a full standard, and organisations like Yahoo! and Google are starting to index the data (see Google announces support for RDFa and Yahoo! into semantic web), it's worth putting more of your own data into your web-pages, by way of RDFa. A simple place to start is to modify your home-page or blog profile so that it includes FOAF information."


FOAF et Web services

« ... usage d'un fichier FOAF qui rassemble à la fois les concepts du Web 2.01 et les technologies du Web sémantique. »


Introducing Embedded RDF

" enhanced way to embed RDF into XHTML that doesn't require any new markup".

Foafing the music

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Un système de recommandations musicales qui s'appuie sur des profils utilisateurs FOAF.

RDF Hyper-linking

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"If your RDF documents tell just part of the story, add some seeAlso references to further reading...".

Simplifier FOAF ?

"We need something much simplier, so FOAF-type information can explode like RSS has".

Foaf:name with Greasemonkey

Un script Greasemonkey pour afficher le foaf:name des auteurs des sites que l'on visite.

Neutrino XML again

"...when does this proliferation of metadata abstractions end "?

Neutrino XML

"A Neutrino feed is a collection of pointers to other syndication feeds - say, a blog, Flickr and - all of which belong to one individual". Something between OPML, FOAF, Attention.xml and vCard.


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vCard to FOAF converter.

FOAF Discovery using Greasemonkey

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"...a greasemonkey user-script for auto-discovery of FOAF embedded in HTML".

Friend of a Friend Project

RDFWeb's 'Friend of a Friend' project developer site to gather together a large bank of existing friend of a friend related resources.

Flickr profile to FOAF

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Un service pour extraire les métadonnées contenues dans un profil Flickr et pour générer le Foaf correspondant.


Generating FOAF From Flickr

SemErgence : "My end goal for this is to generate FOAF with name, nick, gender, location, groups, contacts, and photos. Then we'll start on RDF for the photos themselves, including the tags a photo has."

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