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"That’s maybe a bit too dorky, even for us."

"Adding the machine tag extra love" :)

Get Flickr by Location or Term, or both

"getFlickrBy is a wrapper API for Flickr using YQL to retrieve photos for a certain term and/or geo located photos from Flickr licensed with the Creative Commons "by" license."



Paris délimité par les utilisateurs de Flickr. Forcément un peu différent de la réalité ;)

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.

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Trouver des photos sur Flickr à partir d'une palette de couleurs.


Flickr: A Place of Our Own

GeoRSS, unique place ID, random places, kml...


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"... a JavaScript implementation of photo "annotations"". Very nice !


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« ... a kind of plugin to picasa that allows users to upload their photos to flickr. »


Insérer un slideshow Flickr dans une page web. La suite.

Flickr : Machine tags

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« # Wait, aren't machine tags just RDF ? No, machine tags are not RDF; they could play RDF on television, though. »

Jotle (beta)

« Google Maps + Wikimapia + Placeopedia + Flickr + YouTube = Jotle ! »



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« a flash world map of your flickr photos »

FOAFtown photos

« Flickr groups on Google Earth »

Flickr Geotagging Concern

« In short, I’m hoping that users will be smart about what they geotag. »

Flickr Map Icon Greasemonkey Script

« ... add a small icon just above Flickr's geotaged photos. »

Flickr Geotagged Photo Statistics in Google Earth

Une répartition qui n'a finalement rien de très étonnant.

Embedded Flickr Slideshows

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Comment insérer un slideshow Flickr dans un post.

Making location simple

« Flickr's geotagging interface is not designed for accuracy, but for massive geotagging, what it is perfect for some people and uses, but not for others. »

Photo on the map

« Explore photos tagged with nyc on a Map »


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"...publicly available data about single flickr users".

The Babes of Flickr

Peut-être essayer de convaincre le mec de se rabattre sur l'Espagne. Quoique...

Is Flickr Protecting Photos From Download ?

"...if a photo can be viewed in a web browser, it can be saved."

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