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Extension Blogmarks pour Firefox 3.6

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Pas encore mis à jour cette version mais ça ne saurait tarder.


ubiquity commands for

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De quoi me convaincre de réinstaller cette extension firefox :)



"... visible numeric tags to every clickable on a page, so you can follow links with the keyboard and never pick up your mouse."

Major Update to Personas for Firefox

New : Personas for Firefox adds "support for dynamic Personas that can change over time and can incorporate rich web content (HTML, SVG, etc.)"

Google Docs Bar - Companion for Firefox

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"... a sidebar extension for firefox, a perfect companion for Google Docs."


Remember The Milk for Gmail

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La productivité poussée à l'extrême !

Personas for Firefox

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"Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser."

Try This Search On

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« This script tries to detect when you are searching any website and then provides links to do a similar search on:,, dmoz, Google, Live (msn), Yahoo!, Wikipedia and YouTube. »


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« ... a Firefox extension that allows you to adjust the default text zoom level, which is very useful if you have a small display or run at a very high resolution. NoSquint also remembers the zoom level per site (though you can disable that). »


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« ... the Full Screen mode into a really full screen mode, hiding the remaining toolbars and statusbar ... »


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A Platform for Utilizing Microformats.


Une extension FF qui permet de créer dans Firefox un plugin de recherche à partir de n'importe quelle boîte de recherche.

XForms in Firefox

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« This article demonstrates basic XForms processing as currently supported by Firefox and the Mozilla XForms plug-in. »


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« ... un outil d'audit de page web orienté vers l'accessibilité. »


Introducing Operator

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« ... a Microformat Detection Extension for Firefox 2 »

iMacros for Firefox

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« Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work. »

Download videos from Youtube, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Music.

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« Are you tired of copy&paste URLs to download a video? Now it's even easier ! »

Creating a Tails Script

« A Tails Script is basically a very simple JavaScript file ending with the tails.js extension. »

Tails Firefox Extension 0.3

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« ... view microformats embedded on a web page. »


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"Gmail with Getting Things Done"

FEBE Firefox Extension

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"...quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions."


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"...a tool that puts a programming environment in Firefox so you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing."

Google Calendar Notifier

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"...a notification service for upcoming events on your calendar."


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"Stylish allows you to easily manage user styles for the application UI, all websites, or only certain websites."

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