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Christopher Blizzard » announcing whoisi

"... a site that lets you easily keep track of what your friends are doing on the Internet via RSS feeds - but with some twists."


The Ultimate RSS Toolbox

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« Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place… »


HTML / XHTML / XML / WML Validator

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« Beyond HTML / XHTML and WML validation, Validome offers you the possibiliy to validate xml, dtd-schema, rss, atom and google sitemap. »

Feeds As Attack Delivery Systems

About "various forms of attacks based on Web feeds that follow the RSS, Atom and XML standards."

Feed Access Control Standard for RSS and ATOM

"...a new way to claim your own feeds and indicate whether you want your feed included or excluded from Blog & Feed search on and Bloglines."

Bloglines Rocks !

"...a fresh beginning for Bloglines"

Wikipedia Article Revisions Now RSS Enabled

Utile pour tous ceux qui sont intérressés par le suivi de l'historique d'une page de Wikipedia.

On RSS and Atom

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"My recommendation to application developers today is to use Atom 1.0, not RSS, as the basis for your content syndication."

Atom as a Case Study

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Why ? How ? And lessons about Atom by Tim Bray.

Sam Ruby: Common Feed Errors

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"An analysis of a week's work of click-throughs on Feed Validator [help] links"

RSS politics

"RSS politics being what it is and always has been, there was no other choice but to declare the format frozen."


Une façon comme une autre de transformer les petits ruisseaux en grandes rivières.

Mr Safe

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"Q: Meanwhile, it finally is safe to put out feeds...based on Atom 1.0? A: Yes."

Blogmarks to Html conversion

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"...transform a Blogmarks atom feed into html code fragment to be included in a complete page." Merci Michel :)

Atom-formatted resume and podcast

En la matière, autant mettre en effet toutes les chances de son côté.


Feed Icons : Help establish the new standard

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"We need your help to spread the word."

Orange Juice

A propos de la reprise par Microsoft de l'icône des fils de syndication de Firefox.

Web Clips

A propos de la fonctionnalité Web Clips de Gmail.

Catching Up with the Atom Publishing Protocol

"...the general outline of how the protocol works..."

RSS Everywhere II - but where is Google ?

"Watching Google and RSS is like watching a high school student experiment with a chemistry set".

W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS

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Le W3C valide maintenant aussi les fils de syndication.

What Is Atom

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"...the Preservation of Metadata and the concept of Constructs".

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