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Web Maps Lite


"CloudMade's Web Maps Lite API lets you embed our maps in your website." See also : Simple Map.

Get Flickr by Location or Term, or both

"getFlickrBy is a wrapper API for Flickr using YQL to retrieve photos for a certain term and/or geo located photos from Flickr licensed with the Creative Commons "by" license."


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Exemple d'application utilisant Tiny Geo-coder : "... a really simple way to get a map or a route without first visiting Google Maps... ". Pratique et rapide pour aller de Paris jusqu'à Nice.

Tiny Geo-coder

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Un moyen en effet très rapide de retrouver la latitude et la longitude d'une localisation dans une application.

Barcodes: connecting the real-world to the virtual

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"There is much more to be explored beyond the technical achievements of 2D barcodes and that is where the real interesting parts begin."

Google Maps API Example: Reverse Geocoding

Quand la latitude et la longitude deviennent compréhensibles par tous.

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"store some tiny data in a tiny url"


tk Google Charter

GUI pour graphiques Google. - Google Charting Tool

"A simple charting interface and code generator for the Google Chart API."

SoundManager 2

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« ... a Javascript Sound API which talks to Flash, effectively mapping most of Flash 8's native sound capabilities to Javascript. It enables web developers and front-end engineers to programmatically control sound in a cross-browser/platform way, using a language they already know. »

JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful

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« For every badge/widget/gadget out there, I'd like to see a discoverable API that allows me to get the same data via a simple REST based API that emits RSS (with extensions where it makes sense). The link to get that data should be rendered on the badge. »

Go forth and API

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« Setting your data free ?» « Discover how to put the web’s finest free data to use in your own creations »

Flickr : Machine tags

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« # Wait, aren't machine tags just RDF ? No, machine tags are not RDF; they could play RDF on television, though. »


KML on Google Maps

« To view a KML or KMZ file on Maps, just go to Google Maps, and instead of searching for a geographical address like 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043, search for a complete Web address (including the "http://" part) of your KMZ file, like »


« ... how the use of semantic markup and microformats on your public-facing pages could obsolete a lot of common read-heavy API methods. »

How to Get Google AJAX Search For Your Site

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"Get a Google AJAX search control working on your site."

Google Data APIs

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"...a simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web. GData combines common XML-based syndication formats (Atom and RSS) with a feed-publishing system based on the Atom publishing protocol, plus some extensions for handling queries."

Google Maps V2.41 dual map

" example trying to show the new GOverviewMapControl(), which was introduced in the Google Maps API alpha v2.41."


Flickr Api Explorer

Un moyen de tester les méthodes de l'API Flickr.

Yahoo ! 's new twist on mapping APIs

A map application entirely in Flash.

MGeocoder : A Geocoding Google Maps API Extention

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"This extension integrates free geocoders directly into Google Maps".

Wsfinder wiki

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"...a community effort to create a list of all APIs and web services that are publicly available for people to play with".

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