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May 2007

Communities at Microsoft, a podcast with Sean O'Driscoll

I've been reading all I can about social media and communities. But honestly, I heard more new ideas from Sean than in all of the articles and blogs I've come across on the topic. I conducted an interview with Sean O’ Driscoll to learn what it is like to have thousands of communities to listen to and manage. And I wanted to learn how you harness these communities for product launches as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Enjoy …

Marketing in a Wikinomics World, a podcast with Don Tapscott

Is a business model that locks in customers and discourages user innovation genuinely sustainable? According to my instincts, and the principles of Wikinomics, I say no. To explore this further, I conducted an interview with Don Tapscott, co-author of Wikinomics. Don helped me understand more about this emerging economy and what role marketing needs to play in it to be successful! Enjoy …

March 2007

How to Start a B2B Community

If you love Web 2.0 tools the way I do, you probably came to the quick realization that they're powerful tools for creating a community But added together they don't equal a community. You can launch all the Web 2.0 tools you can think of and still not have a community. So the question quickly becomes: How do you create a community

Top 10 Lame Excuses for Not Adopting Web 2.0

Ok, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this statement, in print no less, for not adopting Web 2.0 tactics – so I just had to point this one out: "This group has been burned by being on the leading edge of technology," said a leading managed care provider. “Four years haven't erased the memory of a failed interactive voice-response (IVR) system.” This inspired me to do a David Letterman-style list of The Top 10 Lame Excuses for Not Adopting Web 2.0 tactics:

February 2007

Brands will be defined by the communities they serve

Anyone managing a brand these days had best be thinking about how to engage customers in ways that let them experience the brand. One obvious manifestation of this is to create an online community.