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SCENARI est un environnement logiciel libre de conception de chaînes éditoriales numériques permettant la création de documents multimédia à usage professionnel.


[Touv’s HomePage] - xmllint, un couteau suisse pour les fichiers XML

L’utilitaire xmllint fourni avec la librairie multi-platorme libxml2 permet de manipuler, valider, formater des fichiers XML.


Editix - XML Editor

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XML Editor and XSLT Debugger available for Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X


SIMILE | Welkin

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Welkin visualizes RDF models and currently supports only the RDF/XML syntax (but we'll be supporting other syntaxes too, don't worry). If you want to test it with some data, you can start with these graph fragments taken from our of our digital library co


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FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is a print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and is an output independent formatter.

SEDNA XML DBMS (modis group)

Sedna XML DBMS is a native data management system


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A free XML editor, in Java