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PmWiki WikiPublisher - DSMW : Distributed Semantic Media Wiki

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DSMW is an extension of Semantic Mediawiki (SMW). It allows to create a network of SMW servers that share common semantic wiki pages.

Eyal Oren - Personal Web page

SemperWiki is an open-source semantic personal Wiki for Gnome. It offers the usability of personal Wikis and the improved retrieval and querying of semantic Wikis

DC 2009 Séoul - WARIN

Page sur la conférence Dublin Core 2009, mais dans un wiki sémantique


Swirrl: Data collaboration online

A web application that allows your team to store, share, edit and analyze information. It's like a wiki, but better.


Semantic MediaWiki -

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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – with semantic technology, thus turning it into a semantic wiki. This wiki (the one you're just using) is usually running on the most recent version of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions, and thus also serves as a demonstration for the system. Semantic MediaWiki is used on many other sites and has also been featured in the press.

Main Page -

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This is, the wiki for the Semantic Web community. Our mission is to provide a knowledge repository and platform for advertising events, spreading news, and announcing new developments. It is a wiki: everybody can quickly edit its content, even without logging in. So look around and participate!

Et le wiki devint sémantique

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J'avoue que j'ai été bluffé par cette application appelée Semantic Mediawiki et qui constitue une extension au logiciel Mediawiki.

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