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SVG-Whiz! Home

The intent of SVG-Whiz! is to promote the use of SVG, to provide examples of how to do tasks in SVG, to provide tools for authoring SVG, and to talk about experiments and proposals with SVG. SVG-Whiz! is also the name of one of my tools, a graphical WYSIWYG browser-based SVG editor, written in SVG and ECMAScript, and which can be found in the Tools section.

SVGround : cours SVG

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SVGround est un site mettant à votre disposition des cours sur SVG (version 1.1) les plus complets possibles. L'objectif initial est de mettre en ligne des cours hexaustifs sur cette spécification.

Interactive SVG Diagrams

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I've been dabbling in SVG now for the better part of a year, designing applets that until recently could really only be done in either Flash or Java. I've learned a few things I believe, and here is my attempt to teach anyone else that is interested.

SVG Basics Tutorials - Scalable Vector Graphics by Hand

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The current focus of this site is to help people interested in hand-coding SVG graphics. If you didn't understand a lot of the previous paragraph, don't worry. The intent here is to get people familiar with SVG without worrying too much about the underlying XML standard. Once you understand some SVG you'll probably want to learn more about automating it with other tools. That might come up here later on, but for now it may be easiest to get that functionality from style sheets (in XSL) that can turn XML data into SVG.


extending SVG with XSLT Version: 0.3

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extending SVG with elements in a different namespace is a common practice. Most of these extensions are handle by JavaScript.That was also the path i took so far. The Idea is now to extend SVG with XSLT, there are many advantages using XSLT: -extending SVG for viewers without script implementation ( e.g.: SVGT 1.1, Opera ). -you can load the result of the transformation into your favorite Drawing app , and edit the result by hand. -reduce the amound of client side scripting. this is an overview of he extensions available so far.

SVG Development, Works and Resources

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Un agrégateur de fils RSS sur SVG, à la manière d'un (hypothétique) Planet SVG

Cours de XML

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Ce cours a été initialement conçu pour des étudiants en technologies du multimédia de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Il présente les bases de XML (notion de document bien formé/valide, syntaxe), les formats permettant de décrire ces fichiers XML (Document Type Definition, Schémas), ainsi que le langage de transformation XSL(T). Il présente également un aperçu des formats graphiques SVG et multimédia SMIL.


KevLinDev - Tutorials - SVG

Famous SVG tutorials.

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