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JabRef reference manager

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JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography format. JabRef runs on the Java VM (version 1.5 or newer), and should work equally well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Safe C String Library v1.0.3 (January 30, 2005)

The goal of the SafeStr library is to provide a rich string-handling library for C that has safe semantics yet interoperates with legacy library code in a straightforward manner. Additionally, porting code that uses standard C string handling should be straightforward. The library should work on all modern Unix-like platforms, as well as any 32-bit Microsoft Windows OS. The overt security goals of the library are as follows: 1. Buffer overflows should not be possible when using the API. 2. Format string problems should be impossible when using the API. 3. The API should be capable of tracking whether strings are "trusted", a la Perl's taint mode. The API is meant to provide rich functionality and be easy to use, all the while improving security.


SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL -- SRU, CQL and ZeeRex (Standards, Library of Congress)

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SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries.

Home - Pencil Project

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The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. Top features: * Built-in stencils for diagraming and prototyping * Multi-page document with background page * On-screen text editing with rich-text supports * PNG rasterizing * Undo/redo supports * Installing user-defined stencils * Standard drawing operations: aligning, z-ordering, scaling, rotating... * Cross-platforms * Adding external objects * And much more... Pencil will always be free as it is released under the GPL version 2 and is available for virtually all platforms that Firefox 3 can run. The first version of Pencil is tested against GNU/Linux 2.6 with GTK , Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Initiation à RDF

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Le cadre de description de ressource RDF (Resource Description Framework) est un langage pour représenter des informations à propos de ressources sur le Web. Le but de cette initiation est de fournir au lecteur les connaissances élémentaires nécessaires pour utiliser effectivement RDF. Elle introduit les concepts de base de RDF et décrit sa syntaxe XML. Elle décrit comment définir des vocabulaires RDF en utilisant le langage de description de vocabulaires de RDF et offre un aperçu de quelques applications RDF déployées. Elle décrit également le contenu et les objectifs des autres documents de spécification RDF

ONVERSITY Articles : GCC 4.3 : Support expérimental du C 0x

cet article décrit les nouvelles fonctionnalités C 0x qui seront supportées par la version 4.3 de GCC et donne une idée de ce que pourrait être le prochain standard C .

Copyright Labs » ACAP Validator

ACAP Validator is a new software tool that can help you create valid ACAP content access files with ease.

Publishers Try—Again—to Reach the Open Web: ACAP

Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP, allows publishers to make their content visible and distributable over the open web, while attaching access policies. Technically, applying ACAP involves either altering the standard robots.txt file or embedding content permissions into HTML content itself.

Le W3C publie le premier document de travail sur HTML5, futur du contenu Web

Le W3C publie le premier document de travail sur HTML 5, futur du contenu Web


OpenSocial - Google Code

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OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.

OAuth — An open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.

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An open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.

XProc: An XML Pipeline Language

This specification describes the syntax and semantics of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language, a language for describing operations to be performed on XML documents. An XML Pipeline specifies a sequence of operations to be performed on one or more XML documents. Pipelines generally accept one or more XML documents as input and producing one or more XML documents as output, though they are not required to do so. Some pipelines are entirely self-contained, starting with input derived inside the pipeline and producing no XML output.

Main Page - Htmlpedia

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The HTML Encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Goal The goal of this site is to help every Web Developer to follow the HTML standard as well as possible. Mostly help for error messages of well known algorithms.

BBComposer : Philosophie de conception du BBComposer

Une extension pour Firefox permettant de générer de façon intuitive du contenu sémantique avec plusieurs syntaxes (XHTML, BBCode, Wiki) | Kits graphiques de qualité gratuits.

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KG a pour vocation de vous aider à réaliser votre projet de site le plus facilement et dans les meilleures conditions possibles en vous proposant de nombreux kits-graphiques gratuits et de qualité professionnelle, valides aux nouvelles normes du W3C (vulgairement appelés templates).

Plugin de recherche OpenSearch pour Firefox 2 –

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Firefox version 2 supporte le standard de formatage de données de recherche OpenSearch. Grâce à cela, on peut créer des petits plugins de recherche très utiles pour son navigateur préféré.

Welcome To CodeDread 1.1

This PHP file allows you to embed an SVG document into your HTML web pages with a single PHP function call. This avoids the inconsistencies across various deployment configurations (for example IE ASV only like embed, Firefox/Opera like object. Instructions for use are included in the file.


ajaxPresents - ajax13 - Welcome to ajax13

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ajaxPresents is a web-based presentation editor that lets you read, edit and save Microsoft Power Point files (.ppt) as well as Open Standard Presentation files (.odp). By simply pointing your Firefox browser to, you can instantly view and edit presentations without having to install expensive software on your computer.

RELAX NG home page

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RELAX NG is a schema language for XML. The key features of RELAX NG are that it:

W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Test Suite

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Welcome to the 13 December 2006 release of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile Test Suite.

Adobe Labs - Mars Project

The Mars (code name) Project is an XML-friendly implementation of PDF syntax. Already an open specification, PDF is the global standard for trusted, high fidelity electronic documentation. The Mars file format incorporates additional industry standards such as SVG, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, OpenType, Xpath and XML into ZIP-based document container. The Mars plug-ins enable recognition of the Mars file format by Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8 software.

Embruns > standards du web > le sens du canard

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Un célèbre avocat du barreau de Paris m’a posé la question cette semaine : “Mais, qu’est-ce que cette histoire de canard qui fait tant rire les geeks ?”. Étant d’un naturel serviable, je me dois de lui éclairer sa lanterne.

Mars - Adobe Labs

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Mars is the code name for technology being developed by Adobe that provides an Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based representation of Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. The Mars Project is an XML friendly representation of PDF documents. The Mars file format incorporates additional standards such as SVG, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, OpenType, Xpath and XML into a ZIP-based document container.

ISO 3166-1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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ISO 3166-1, as part of the ISO 3166 standard, provides codes for the names of countries and dependent areas.

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