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November 2008

Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own

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SearchWiki, a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results

October 2008


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Rechercher des personnes

Whozat? The People Search Engine

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Whozat? is a search engine designed to find and display information about people.

September 2008

SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL -- SRU, CQL and ZeeRex (Standards, Library of Congress)

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SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries.

feedmysearch -Turn google searches into usefull rss feeds

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Turn your usual Google searches into tiny rss feeds. Get instant updates whenever a new result appears significantly on Google Free yourself from the noise of results moving up and down ! Only get what is new to your search. Save time for other activities !

August 2008

July 2008

Yahoo! Search BOSS - YDN

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BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!'s open search web services platform » Adobe collabore avec Google et Yahoo! pour améliorer l’indexation de Flash

Aujourd’hui est un grand jour pour les professionnels du référencement, les flasheurs et toute la communauté web en générale. Adobe vient en effet d’annoncer une collaboration active avec les équipes de Google et de Yahoo! pour améliorer l’indexation des fichiers Flash : Finally, Flash Becomes Truly Searchable.

June 2008

FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

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Welcome to, a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples


# Bibliodent permet d'effectuer une recherche bibliographique sur un fonds documentaire composé d'articles de périodiques, de thèses, d'ouvrages, de documents audiovisuels. # L'interrogation s'effectue en combinant plusieurs critères au choix # De nombreux documents peuvent faire l'objet d'une commande en ligne de photocopies qui seront délivrées par voie postale.

May 2008

Google AJAX Search API Blog: Speed up access to your favorite frameworks via the AJAX Libraries API

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The AJAX Libraries API is an attempt to make Web applications faster for developers in simple ways: * Developers won't have to worry about getting caching setup correctly, as we will do that for you * If another application uses the same library (much more likely), they there is a much better chance that it will be already caching on the users machine * The network and bandwidth of the users systems will not be taxed.

April 2008

Planning a Semantic Web site

The Semantic Web brings with it the opportunities for users to get smarter search results, and for site owners to get more targeted traffic as users find what they really want. But these benefits don't just magically appear. This article leads you through the aspects of both information architecture and general infrastructure you need in place to truly take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity.

March 2008

Welcome to Clueray > focus your search

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Partant du principe que chaque interrogation d'un moteur se fait en fonction d'objectifs variables, les créateurs de Clueray ont développé une technologie qui classe les résultats (de Google en l'occurence) en fonction des 3 principales intentions susceptible d'être celles des utilisateurs, à savoir: apprendre, explorer, interagir.

Terrier Information Retrieval Platform

Terrier is a highly flexible, efficient, effective, and robust search engine, readily deployable on large-scale collections of documents. Terrier implements state-of-the-art indexing and retrieval functionalities. Terrier provides an ideal platform for the rapid development of large-scale retrieval applications. The open source version of Terrier provides a comprehensive, flexible, robust, and transparent platform for research and experimentation in text retrieval. The research put into Terrier constantly expands towards new branches of the wider information retrieval field, making Terrier an ideal, strong, modular, and state-of-the-art platform for developing, assessing, and evaluating new concepts and ideas. Terrier is written in Java, and was used for Web and Enterprise search, Desktop, Intranet and Vertical search engines, as well as developing and evaluating novel large-scale text information retrieval techniques and applications.

And Nerds Became Kings: Yahoo! to Announce Semantic Web Support - ReadWriteWeb

TechCrunch and Search Engine Land are reporting this morning that Yahoo! will now be indexing Semantic Web and Microformats markup from around the web and will use that information to display more structured search results.


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“Seek” adds faceted browsing features to Mozilla Thunderbird and lets you search through your email more effectively.

Surf Canyon

# Improves your search on Google, Yahoo! and MSN # Quickly locates relevant information that's buried deep within the search results # Personalizes in real time: recommended search results reflect instantaneous relevancies, based on your actions

February 2008

ACAP - Automated Content Access Protocol

ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) was launched on 29 November 2007 as a workable, non-proprietary global permissions tool to facilitate the relationship between content owners and search engines.

January 2008

searchCrystal - Home

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searchCrystal lets you search and compare multiple engines in one place. It is a search visualization tool that enables you to compare, remix and share results from the best web, image, video, blog, tagging, news engines, Flickr images or RSS feeds.

December 2007

L'assistant de recherche de Yahoo! Search

Le 6 décembre, Yahoo! a lancé en France son assistant de recherche qui était déjà disponible aux Etats-Unis depuis le mois d'octobre. Cette nouvelle fonctionnalité est destinée à faciliter les recherches en suggérant aux internautes des requêtes par "concepts associés".

November 2007