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feedmysearch -Turn google searches into usefull rss feeds

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Turn your usual Google searches into tiny rss feeds. Get instant updates whenever a new result appears significantly on Google Free yourself from the noise of results moving up and down ! Only get what is new to your search. Save time for other activities !


egoSurf - ego surfing without the guilt.

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egoSurf vous permet de calculer vos "ego points" : entrez un mot ou une phrase et l'Url d'un site ou d'un blog. Et egoSurf fait le reste. Un concurrent du PageRank?


Gmane -- Mail To News And Back Again

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Mailing lists are funneled into news groups. This isn't a new idea; several mail-to-news gateways exist. What's new with Gmane is that no messages are ever expired from the server, and the gateway is bidirectional. You can post to some of these mailing lists without being subscribed to them yourself. In addition, Gmane does spam detection, cross-post handling, has a TMDA-fueled encryption/forwarding service, a web interface, respects X-No-Archive, supplies RSS feeds, uses SPF, features user-defined filters, gathers traffic statistics, and has a real-time indexing search engine.