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Protovis composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction. Protovis is free and open-source, provided under the BSD License. It uses JavaScript and SVG for web-native visualizations; no plugin required (though you will need a modern web browser)! Although programming experience is helpful, Protovis is mostly declarative and designed to be learned by example.

LibX - browser plugin for Libraries

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LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to your library's resources. LibX is an open source framework from which editions for specific libraries can be built. Currently, 667 academic and public libraries have created public LibX editions.

SIREn: Semantic Information Retrieval Engine

SIREn - Semantic Information Retrieval Engine - a Lucene plugin to overcome these shortcomings and efficiently index and query RDF, as well as any textual document with an arbitrary amount of metadata fields.

plugin:s5 [DokuWiki]

This plugin can create S5 slide show presentations from any DokuWiki page.



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Pydev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others. : Overview

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Triplify provides a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications. Triplify is a small plugin for Web applications, which reveals the semantic structures encoded in relational databases by making database content available as RDF, JSON or Linked Data.


Plugin de recherche OpenSearch pour Firefox 2 –

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Firefox version 2 supporte le standard de formatage de données de recherche OpenSearch. Grâce à cela, on peut créer des petits plugins de recherche très utiles pour son navigateur préféré.


Zotero - The Next-Generation Research Tool

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Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work — in the web browser itself.

UrlParams | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

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Shows you the GET and POST parameters of the current website in the sidebar. You can alter their values, add new parameters, switch get/post and more.

Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox - MDC

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Firefox 2 supports the OpenSearch description format for search plugins. Plugins that use the OpenSearch description syntax are compatible with IE 7 and Firefox. Because of this, they are the recommended format for use on the web.

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