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July 2006

Cheat Sheets

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cheat sheets (also known as reference cards) that you can print out and keep by your computer. There is a cheat sheet for just about anything and we aim to have the best coverage of cheat sheets available on the web.

June 2006

De PHP à Python et Ruby (en passant par C, Perl et Java) - dew's blog

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quel langage choisir pour écrire un script d'usage courant en un minimum de temps, sans forcément prendre en considération les performances ?

March 2006

#ProgX - 5 ans d'articles, gratuits !

Presque tous les articles écrit dans l'ex(cellent) Login: par l'excellent Romain Guy.

September 2005


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Describes how to use XML-RPC to implement clients and servers in a variety of languages. Provides example code in Perl, Python, C, C++, Java, PHP and other languages. Includes sections on Zope and KDE 2.0. Applies to all operating systems with XML-RPC support.