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Diki live demo — The Pace Project - privacy in the social semantic web

Diki is a peer-to-peer (or better: friend-to-friend) network for social semantic web application. Think of it as an instant messenger program for social networks like, bibsonomy, citeseer, facebook or studivz. Unlike those social networks, diki does not have a central server that stores your private data. The idea of diki is to create a social network that respects the users' privacy but giving them all functionality that server-based social networks have. In the current release you can create bookmarks, tag them and invite friends. Then you can search for bookmarks in your friends-network.


Wuala - The social online storage

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storing and sharing files - free, simple, and secure.

Wooki Home Site

A Wooki network is dynamic p2p network where any site can join or leave at any time. Each site has a unique identifier named siteid. Site identifiers are totally ordered. Each site replicates wiki pages of other sites. Each site only requires a partial knowledge of the whole network.



Ratiatum - Journal - Les étudiants préfèrent le piratage à la gratuité

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C'est une claque monumentale pour l'industrie du disque que décrit le Wall Street Journal dans un article sur les services de musiques légaux et gratuits offerts sur les campus des universités américaines. Même gratuits, les étudiants n'en veulent pas. En cause : les DRM, bien sûr.



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Bandwidth is a problem for anyone hosting big files. As soon as your music, mp3 blog, or movie gets too popular, either your site goes down or you get hit with a huge bandwidth bill. Worse, the cost and hassle of distributing large media files means that the internet isn't living up to its potential as a democratic medium. Dijjer solves this problem. What distinguishes it from similar P2P tools (like Bittorrent) is how easy it is to use for publishers and users.

Prodigem Hosting Service

What is revolutionary here is that Prodigem completely automates the entire process of setting up bit torrent sessions for the distribution of your content. You simply upload your content via the web and with the click of a few buttons, the Prodigem servers are hosting and seeding your torrent for your content. This is push-button torrent hosting. Given recent claims that bit torrent makes up over 1/3rd of global internet traffic and given that downloading content via bit torrent is as simple as clicking on a .torrent link on any webpage, using Prodigem to distribute your large content files to your audience of the global internet is a no-brainer. Prodigem can only be used for the distribution of legally licensed material cleared for distribution via p2p filesharing. So, if you are an artist, creator, author, blogger, podcaster, amateur mogul, lead guitarist, independent movie director or person, and you have material which has been licensed openly, such as with a Creative Commons license, the sky is now the limit.

YACY: P2P Distributed Web Indexing and Search Engine

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The YACY project is a new approach to build a p2p-based Web indexing network.

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