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24 May 2006 15:00 -- Converting from CVS to Subversion with cvs2svn

This article will walk you through the technical process of converting your CVS repository to Subversion--from deciding how much data to take with you, to prepping your data, to reviewing the most common options that you'll use in your conversion.

24 May 2006 14:45

HOWTO: smooth CVS to SVN migration (and back again)

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This page explains how I migrated the VideoLAN CVS repositories to Subversion while still allowing anonymous CVS access for users who did not want to move to Subversion. If you are a CVS user and have not yet fallen in love with Subversion, I suggest you have a look at this excellent project. In fact, I recommend to be familiar with Subversion before reading this document, because I may have missed important things.

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