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September 2009

InDefero - Bug tracking, code review and free software forge

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InDefero is a simple to use software forge. Save you and your team time and track bugs, provide downloads, documentation and have an easy overview of your code base.

October 2008

TortoiseHg - Mercurial

TortoiseHg is an all-inclusive Mercurial binary installer package for Windows, which provides a windows explorer extension (shell extension), so that Mercurial commands can be executed from the context menu of the explorer. Command line "hg" is included as well. No other packages are needed (for example, Python is already included as a dll). Includes several dialogs, for example for committing and history viewing/diffing. Also includes a MergeProgram and software for ssh server access.

May 2008

InfoQ: Distributed Version Control Systems: A Not-So-Quick Guide Through

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Since Linus Torvalds presentation at Google about git in May 2007, the adoption and interest for Distributed Version Control Systems has been constantly rising. We will introduce the concept of Distributed Version Control, see when to use it, why it may be better than what you're currently using, and have a look at three actors in the area: git, Mercurial and Bazaar.

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