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Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations

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Jing is free software that adds visuals to your online conversations


MySQL AB :: MySQL GUI Tools Downloads

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This is the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle for 5.0. It includes the following products. * MySQL Administrator 1.2 Generally Available (GA) * MySQL Query Browser 1.2 Generally Available (GA) * MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1 Generally Available (GA)

Virtual Box : Windows XP/Vista sous Linux ! (Introduction) - PC INpact

Innotek a annoncé que Virtual Box, son logiciel professionnel dédié à la virtualisation, passait en partie sous licence GPL v2 et s'ouvrait ainsi à la communauté du libre.

OneTeam, Real-Time Collaboration - Process-one

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OneTeam is an Instant Messaging client targetting enterprise users and developed with productivity in mind.

aiSee — Graph Visualization

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aiSee reads a textual, easy-to-read and easy-to-learn graph specification and automatically calculates a customizable graph layout. This layout is then displayed, and can be interactively explored, printed and exported to various graphic formats.


Ambient Design Ltd.

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ArtRage is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools. ArtRage is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It can be used with a mouse, but works better if you have a graphics tablet, or even better on a Tablet PC where ArtRage takes advantage of the unique interaction of pen and screen to produce a realistic painting feel. ArtRage is all about playing with paint without the mess, and having fun in the process. You can paint your own image from a blank canvas to completed work, or load in a picture to trace and have the tools pick their colours for you as you paint over it.

Editix - XML Editor

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XML Editor and XSLT Debugger available for Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X


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Widgets for Windows and Max OS X