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DC 2009 Séoul - WARIN

Page sur la conférence Dublin Core 2009, mais dans un wiki sémantique


SIMILE Project

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Full of tools for for Semantic Web

Main Page -

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This is, the wiki for the Semantic Web community. Our mission is to provide a knowledge repository and platform for advertising events, spreading news, and announcing new developments. It is a wiki: everybody can quickly edit its content, even without logging in. So look around and participate!

Version XML/RDF/OWL du COG

L'INSEE, Mondeca et Dyomedeaannoncent la publication du Code Officiel Géographique (COG) sous une forme utilisant les technologies XML, RDF et OWL.

Données géographiques RDF

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L'Insee publie dans cette section des données issues du code officiel géographique (COG) modélisées selon le standard RDF du web sémantique. Pour plus d’information sur le web sémantique, on se reportera au site du W3C consacré à cette activité.


ROR - Resources of a Resource

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ROR is a simple RDF/XML format for describing your website in a generic fashion, so that search engines and other web applications can find and discover information more easily. By default ROR information is stored in a ROR file called ror.xml placed in your website's main directory. ROR is a bit like a business card for your website. And that card can contain as much information as you want about your website (contact, address, feeds, articles, products, discounts, images, events, etc). You can even provide reviews of other websites. More info at

MindRaider - Semantic Web Outliner

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Mindraider est un outil d'organisation personnelle utilisant des méta-données pour tagger vos documents. Il est gratuit et semble vraiment intéressant. Ressemble à TheBrain


SIMILE | Welkin

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Welkin visualizes RDF models and currently supports only the RDF/XML syntax (but we'll be supporting other syntaxes too, don't worry). If you want to test it with some data, you can start with these graph fragments taken from our of our digital library co