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April 2009

eSpeak: Speech Synthesizer

eSpeak is a compact open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages, for Linux and Windows.

January 2009

Safe C String Library v1.0.3 (January 30, 2005)

The goal of the SafeStr library is to provide a rich string-handling library for C that has safe semantics yet interoperates with legacy library code in a straightforward manner. Additionally, porting code that uses standard C string handling should be straightforward. The library should work on all modern Unix-like platforms, as well as any 32-bit Microsoft Windows OS. The overt security goals of the library are as follows: 1. Buffer overflows should not be possible when using the API. 2. Format string problems should be impossible when using the API. 3. The API should be capable of tracking whether strings are "trusted", a la Perl's taint mode. The API is meant to provide rich functionality and be easy to use, all the while improving security.

A propos de PlayOnLinux - PlayOnLinux - Jouez sous linux simplement et gratuitement !

PlayOnLinux est un logiciel vous permettant d'installer et d'utiliser facilement de nombreux jeux et logiciels prévus pour fonctionner exclusivement sous Windows® de Microsoft®.

November 2008


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Egoboo is an open-source action-RPG / dungeon crawling adventure! It's like Nethack. Except it has actual graphics. And they're 3D. And it's in real-time. And there's no Oracle. And you can save your characters. That might not sound like Nethack at all, but you'll get what we mean when you download the game

September 2008

Three Top Open Source Maintenance Tools for Windows | Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux

Three free, open-source applications that can render your bulky and cluttered Windows PC, smart again and free from malicious-ware. Two of these applications are portable, so you can use them directly from your flash drive on any Windows PC you come across. All three have been tested on Windows XP.

July 2008

Présentation du projet - Ulteo : un bureau Linux sous Windows - Journal du Net Solutions

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Pouvoir accéder à ses applications depuis n'importe quel PC équipé d'une connexion Internet et retrouver ses applications : le bureau virtuel Linux simplifie nettement la gestion de parc. Et cela de manière transparente.

June 2008

With Browsershot it takes a click to test your web design in different browsers | Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux

rowsershots is a web application that offers the fastest way to check your web design in different browsers – it does so in less than 10 minutes and eliminates the need to jump from one operating system to the other. This web application takes thumbnails of webpages on the Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac platforms and deploys over 50 different browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, Navigator, Safari – and many other unknown browsers.

March 2008

Wubi - The Easiest Way to Linux

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Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you.

January 2008

XML Copy Editor

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ML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor

gosu - Google Code

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Gosu is a 2D game development library for the Ruby and C programming languages, available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

December 2007

pgAdmin III: PostgreSQL administration and management tools

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pgAdmin III is the most popular and feature rich Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source database in the world. The application may be used on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, Solaris, Mac OSX and Windows platforms to manage PostgreSQL 7.3 and above running on any platform

October 2007


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Instantbird is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client. Using it, you can connect to all your different IM accounts. It uses the Mozilla rendering engine to display IMs, and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the different networks. Instantbird is a free and open source software. So you are free to use, distribute and modify it.

Networks / Pajek

Program for Large Network Analysis Pajek runs on Windows and is free for noncommercial use.

MySQL AB :: MySQL GUI Tools Downloads

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This is the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle for 5.0. It includes the following products. * MySQL Administrator 1.2 Generally Available (GA) * MySQL Query Browser 1.2 Generally Available (GA) * MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1 Generally Available (GA)


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innotek VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

July 2007

Pourquoi j'utilise un mac? - couenneBlog

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Il y a un an environ, suite à la sortie du MacBook Pro, j'ai décidé de quitter ce que l'on appelle "le monde des PC" pour rejoindre celui du Mac. Avant de dire pourquoi j'utilise un mac, il faut savoir, pourquoi j'ai voulu arrêter d'utiliser Windows...

Miro - free, open source internet tv and video player

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The only video player you need. Free and open-source, because open media matters.

June 2007

Colloquis Developer Center

On this site, you'll find everything you need to develop conversational agents on the Colloquis platform. Conversational agents are software programs that interact with users in a natural, conversational style. They operate on the Web, or via virtually any form of text messaging. Conversational agents are ideal for providing customer service and support, but can be used for many other purposes as well.

Regnum Online official site

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Regnum Online is a MMORPG inviting you to PLAY FOR FREE with no level or time restrictions. All that is required is that you fight for your realm.


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innotek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Google Gears (BETA)

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Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using following JavaScript APIs

May 2007

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Un logiciel de visualisation de video multiposte. Permet de visualiser la télévision sur son ordi, quand on est chez Free.


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Gspace is the FON friendly site that provides FREE Online Storage to access your files everywhere. Gspace turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface.