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July 2009

Internet Scout Project - OAI-SQ

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OAI-SQ is a simple extension to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), intended to provide a method of performing keyword or field-based searches of an OAI repository. It is not intended to provide the level of sophistication available via other established search and retrieval protocols such as Z39.50.

September 2008

SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL -- SRU, CQL and ZeeRex (Standards, Library of Congress)

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SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries.

August 2008

November 2007

[true knowledge]™ - home

True Knowledge is an internet search company based in Cambridge, England. Our unique technology represents general knowledge in a form that computers can understand and process. We are using it to build a repository of the world's knowledge that can be used to directly answer questions from humans and other computers...