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October 2005

RSS 2 PDF - Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator

by 29 others, 1 comment (via) convertit votre flux RSS, ou OPML en document PDF. Une application de ce service peut être l'impression des derniers articles publiés d'un (ou plusieurs) site(s). Un genre de syndication manuelle pour les voyageurs ...

March 2005

Free Patents Online Database

by 1 other (via) provides fast, easy-to-use access to millions of patents. Attorneys use this data for patent searching. Inventors too. Researchers use it to keep up on the latest developments in their field. And everyone can use it just to browse all the interesting (and sometimes crazy!) ideas that are out there. now provides free PDF downloads. Many sites charge $2 - $5 each to compile individual image files into a PDF and let you download it. We do it for free!

January 2005

FreeSVG - PDF to SVG Converter

An online free PDF to SVG converter