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Le contenu du portail Orvinfait concernant SVG est divers. Il est composé d'informations sur SVG, d'exemples d'utilisation, d'un logiciel gratuit en ligne permettant de créer des dessins et des animations en SVG et de liens externes.


Jabberzilla: Jabber in Mozilla

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Une extension Firefox pour discuter avec Jabber.

Jybe! - CoSurfing re-invented

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Jybe is a spy ware free plug-in to Internet Explorer and Firefox that enables you to surf the web with your peers in real-time.


SIMILE | Welkin

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Welkin visualizes RDF models and currently supports only the RDF/XML syntax (but we'll be supporting other syntaxes too, don't worry). If you want to test it with some data, you can start with these graph fragments taken from our of our digital library co

Dietrich Ayala | Foxylicious - Firefox and bookmark integration

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Foxylicious is a Mozilla Firefox extension that integrates your bookmarks into your browser bookmarks

Spread Firefox - Igniting the web

The marketing department for the Firefox web browser.