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November 2006

Debugging make

Make utilities such as GNU make, System V make, and Berkeley make, are fundamental tools for streamlining the application build process, but each one is just a little different from the others. Learn the structure of the makefile and how to avoid common mistakes in its creation, discover how to fix or work around portability issues, and pick up hints for solving other problems as they crop up.

June 2006 | GNU grep's new features

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If you haven't been paying attention to GNU grep recently, you should be happily surprised by some of the new features and options that have come about with the 2.5 series. They bring it functionality you can't get anywhere else -- including the ability to output only matched patterns (not lines), color output, and new file and directory options.

July 2005


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GrouCha is a web IRC client written in PHP, ECMAScript and CSS. It is licensed under GNU GPL licence. The whole source files are available here. Groucha have been tested successfully on Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.x, Camino ... Internet Explorer and Opera will be supported quickly.

June 2005

XSLT Standard Library

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The XSLT Standard Library, xsltsl, provides the XSLT developer with a set of XSLT templates for commonly used functions. These are implemented purely in XSLT, that is they do not use any extensions.

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